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United States
Halt mich fest,
Und nie mehr loslassen
Denn wenn du das tun,
Du kann wisst nie,
Ich kann einfach verblassen.


RP Accounts:
I'm Quebec in The-APH-Gang
I'm Denmark in deviantArt's HETALIA CREW!
I'm Hungary in Rin8's Hetalia Family
I'm Denmark in sorrelstar's Hetalia Family

Check out my friends and I in our cosplay group :iconoriginalcoredefects:

Current Residence: Somewhere, United States, N. America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Rock, J-Pop, Metal, Celtic/New Age, folksongs, movie scores
Favourite cartoon character: Toothless
Personal Quote: ...And if you ever leave me, I wouldn't cry. I would die.
  • Listening to: my Yosuke playlist
  • Reading: KH fanfics
  • Watching: Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: P4
Been working on Xmas gifts and stuff lately. I've been reading a lot of KH fics again lately. I still wanna try to find my mem card and replay some of my PS2 games, like KH, FFIX (more like actually get a Disc 2 that works), and Dirge of Cerberus. Anyway... Kinda getting back into other fandoms, though still lovin' me some Shin Megami Tensei. Have I mentioned how much I love Yosuke yet? No, I don't think I have. I love Yosuke. Like I really fucking love Yosuke. Like.... He's up there with Denmark, with how much I love him.

Gonna be Yosuke all day on Saturday of ALA (barring the Homestuck gathering). I have his Sunday outfit (with the furry jacket) and his summer uniform. I wanna to get some white cargo pants and bright belts and stuff for the rave because blacklights. And I just really wanna wear my green puffer vest as Yosuke because it's just SO him I can't even stand it.  My specifically-for-Yosuke mp3 player (aptly named Jiraiya) is white and lime green so it glows under blacklight and I think that's really cool (didn't plan it that way). It's definitely my headcanon that he would not only be a good dancer, but a raver too.

Sooooo here's my schedule for ALA:

Day 1: Kuroko no Basuke
- probably gonna arrive in Sunday Yosuke clothes and check in
- change into Kagami Taiga and go to gathering (which I'm in charge of yay)
- Go to Carl's Jr after gathering (kind of as a part of the gathering)
- go see Zanney perform
- Starlight Ball: probably going as Tatsumi from Descendents of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei with Jessa/my twin as Watari
- change(?) and go to karaoke/rave???

Day 2: Persona 4
- Wear Sunday Yosuke clothes early
- Change into Jake (puffer vest outfit) for 2:00 Homestuck gathering, take pictures with kawaii people
- Change back into Yosuke (summer uniform)
- Go to SMT gathering at 5:00
- Wander??
- Change into Denmark for Hetalia 18+ panel??
- Change(?) into Shadow Yosuke for Dark Hour Persona gathering at midnight
- Rave/Karaoke as Yosuke/Shadow!Yosuke
- get back to room and organize shit

Day 3: Yu Yu Hakusho
- Organize shit and kick slav--I mean, roommates--into gear and clean up room
- Change into Kurama
- Check out of room
- Wander around as Kurama with Jessa/twin as Youko Kurama
- Buy stuff on sale in Artist Alley??
- Goho-M

Not much else going on, I guess. Just Christmas stuff that I'm working hard on and then preparing for ALA.

ALSO I saw the Hobbit and WHAT A GOOD. I need to go see it again but my wallet... it's just so empty. Oh yeah and Jessa/my twin and I are going to cosplay Fili and Kili. We went to the Hobbit premiere as Merry and Pippin. Met a cosplayer there actually! By total coincidence. It was cool. Turns out she was a friend of a friend of mine. Small world! Anyway, next Hobbit movie, Jessa & I are gonna be Aragorn and Legolas. Then the last one, Fili and Kili.

I've also decided that FUCK THE WORLD, I'MMA COSPLAY CID HIGHWIND WITH JESSA AS VINCENT EVEN THOUGH I'M ALREADY DOING TURK!VINCENT WITH HER. I just love Cid. I don't care if I'm not a middle-aged man with a sailor's mouth. I CAN DO IT. Especially since my Denmark wig is so freakin versatile and if I can style it for Denmark, Canada, Bro/Dirk Strider, AND Kanji Tatsumi then I can make it into a freakin' Cid wig. Even if I can I have my former-Denmark/now-Dave wig.

ALSO ALSO I've been re-reading my own writing from a couple years back and feeling a bit more confident in myself. Even though I feel like I've gotten worse over the years from being in a slump and then trying to get back into writing, but if I was at that place one--and if my writing 2 prof from this semester actually had to ask me a second time what my major was, in disbelief that it's not writing!--then what the heck! I can get back into the swing of it. I just... need to write more.

Knitting is addicting. I love to knit, by the way.


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